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  In a modern sense, Mothers’ Day originated [源于] from the United States and initiated [发起] by Anna Jarvis. She was unmarried all her life. She always accompanied her mother around. His mother died in 1905, and Anna was distraught [悲痛欲绝的]. Two years later, Anna and her friend began to write letters to the influential[有影响力的] ministers, businessmen, congressmen [议员] to seek support to make Mothers’ Day become a statutory holiday [法定假日].
   Anna believed that children often ignore their mo。thers’ feeling. She hoped Mothers’ Day could remind people of what their mothers did for the family. The first Mothers’ Day was celebrated in West Virginia and Pennsylvania on May 10, 1908. During the festival, Carnation was chosen for mothers and then passed on.
   In 1913, the United States Congress[议会。] passed a bill [法案] to make the second Sunday of May each year become statutory Mothers’ Day. Since then, Mothers’ Day spread.

  “I”am the owner of my body and mind. “I”am not the body and mind!
  We have so often heard statements like“My back is hurting” “My leg is aching after the soccer game”.
  We have also heard many times: “I am depressed” “I am angry” “I am hungry” etc. When I say “I am hungry” I really mean that my stomach is hungry, because by saying “I am hungry” it cannot mean my stomach, my shoulder, my arm, my legs, my head etc., are all hungry.
  When I say “I am depressed” it can at best mean only my mind is depressed. When you are angry, when you are depressed, simply say silently in your mind, “It is not me but only my mind is depressed or angry.” The magic of such recitation will cut short the anger and depression.
  I am the owner of my body and mind; I love my body and mind. They are my truest ever friends right from the time I came to this earth, and they will remain with me till I breathe my last breath. To reach within my body, I use my mind. I often ill-treat my body and mind: I often smoke; I often drink; I often have sleepless nights just to complete a work, and I often eat junk food.
  Yet, I am responsible for the state of health of my mind. When I t。rust my mind—my best friend—and treat it well, when I provide it only with healthy food positive thoughts, I know my mind will do wonders to keep my other friend—my body—in good health.
  Over the years I have learnt, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Then isn’t it true that when I have a healthy mind, my body will in turn remain or become healthy”?
  I have found the easy and simple way to keep my mind healthy. I know that my mind needs only healthy and positive thoughts to remain healthy. In turn, I know my healthy mind will keep my body healthy. I know that as I treat my best friends well—my body and mind—they give me a life of happiness with good health on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.
  I bow to the power of my inner mind for its boundless power. All the great work that happens through me, I know is because of a level that is far deeper than my conscious level.
  I have realized that humility unleashes the power within me that helps me overcome all difficulties of life with profound ease and a smile.
   Hillary was born in Chicago, Illinois. She was brought up in a special family, first in Chicago, and then, from the age of three, in the suburban Park Ridge, Illinois. Her father was born into a Welsh and English family; he run a successful small business in the textile industry. Her mother could speak many dialects and she was a housewife.
   As a kid, Hillary was a fashion in teachers’ eyes at her public schools. She participated in many sports activities, such as swimming, solfball, and other sports. She also got many awards when she was still a student. She attended Maine East Hig。h School, where she joined the student council, the school newspaper office, and was selected for the National Honor Society. Since then, she began to realize that women could do the work as well as men.
   When Bill Clinton took office as president in January, 1993, Hillary became the First Lady of the United States, and announced that she would be using this name. She was the first First Lady to have a postgraduate degree and to have her own stable profession. She was also the first one to have an office in the West Wing of the White House in addition to the usual First Lady offices in the East Wing.
   She has been preparing for the election to be president of the United States since early 2003. She stated, “I’m to win.” No woman has ever been nominated by a major party for President in the history of the United States. Although she failed in the final, the numerous speeches she made we。re so great that they encouraged many people in the world.
   In the mid-November of 2008, President Obama and Hillary discussed the matters concerned of her serving as U.S. Secretary in his administration. On November 21, reports indicated that she had accepted the position. Since then, she has been much busier and visited the world more frequently than before. As a result, Hillary has become a pubic figure.
   In a word, she is indeed aunique woman in the world.





  Nowadays, quite a few people believe that combatant spirit is essential for one’s success in today’s competitive world. However, some young people today think nothing of this spirit which,in their opinion, is only needed in revolutionary age. Even worse, when facing the difficul。ties, they will choose to yield or cower without making an。y efforts.
  There are many factors resulting in young people’s lack of combatant spirit. Among these, comfortable living environment plays a vital role. Today’s parents provide nearly everything to the children, which results in the children’s lack of motivation for striving on their own. What’s more, the present education system does not pay much attention to help the young people build up the combatant spirit.
  Considering the importance of combatant spirit, I think it is high time to take effective measures to strengthen young people’s combatant spirit. Above all, parents shouldn’t spoil their children and should ask their children to strive for what they intend to obtain. Moreover, schools should build a better environment for students to develop their struggle and aggressive spirit. Besides, young people themselves should adjust their minds and follow the examples of those people in history or around us who achieve their success under the stimulation of combatant spirit. In a word, it is an urgent thing for today’s young people to enhance combatant spirit.空气的味道




  Last Sunday I saw the worst storm in years. It came
  sudden and went on for over three hours. After lunch, I 1. _____
  went into my room to have a rest. The air was hotter, and 2. _____
  all is quiet. Then a strong wind started to blow i。nto my 3. _____
  room. Pieces of paper on my desk flew high into the air 4. _____
  and some flew out the open window. As I ran out to catch 5. _____
  them, big drop of rain began to fall. When I came back 6. _____
  into house, it was raining harder and harder. I tried 7. _____
  very hard to close the window. Then I heard a loudly 8. _____
  crashing[碰撞的]sound from the back of the house. When I ran 9. _____
  out to find that a big tree had fallen down and broke the10. _____
  top of the back room.
  I have been planning to join in our college basketball team1. ______
  next year, so now I am spending as more time as I can2. ______
  with other people who likes to play. They are teaching3. ______
  me the most important rules and technologies of the game,4. ______
  and I am getting the better all the time. We have a5. ______
  neighborhood team that play against other teams in the area.6. ______
  One of my neighbors is helping rest of us7. ______
  improved our skills. Tonight we are playing against8. ______
  one of the best teams in the city, and I think we can9. ______
  beat them if we won’t make any mistakes. 10. _____
  Fang Tong is 34 years old, an actor, director and teacher of
  Beijing Opera Theatre. Most of his students are from other part of 1. ______
  China and have come to Beijing at a very young age of sixteen 2. ______
  or seventeen. He hopes create an environment for his students3. ______
  that it is much more relaxing than the one he used to 4. ______
  study in. He thought that an actor should relax himself when 5. ______
  performing. Yet his students deep respect him and he 6. ______
  never needs to raise his voice in order to be hearing. 7. ______
  For his opinion, actors should go on even when they 8. ______
  feel they have made a mistake in their performances 9. ______

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